Miss Spiffy


I started going to a few of their sales over the past year. The ladies and their staff are very helpful and friendly. Always a very comfortable atmosphere. They do a great job weeding out the "Garage Sales"  and give you true "Estate Sale". The sales always feature high-quality items and furnishings or something unique and interesting. The pricing is always fair and they will work with you! I got a great piece last weekend. I'm very happy with it and with my experience. Thank you! 

Amber | 2019

They are honest, fair and easy to deal with. What makes Spiffy better than the rest is a great attitude. They work hard and it shows.  

Philip | 2019

This company is absolutely stellar. Fantastically well-organized sales, friendly people, and totally fair and reasonable prices. They really know what they are doing and I will not think twice next time I see an estate sale with their name attached. I never had a better estate sales experience. 

Erin | 2019

NCIE people...FAIR pricing...HONEST brokers...all around GREAT

Ginny | 2018

Awesome deals! Awesome ladies! Thank you so much! See you soon!

Pattie | 2018

Ok, let's face it...tag sales are hell and hard work... Jen and her crew are awfully nice, pleasant and fair with prices and attitude through it all, all while dealing with miserable people like me...will always come back, they get great stuff and are really nice. 

Mario | 2017

Miss Spiffy handled our sales just as described in our initial consultation. Very professional staff. Sale was a smashing success!

Laura | 2018

These ladies really know how to run an estate sale. Many people can run a sale but the talent is in finding the price point at which to sell items. I have been to some sales run by other firms which are so high-priced that the owner is left with a house full of stuff at the end of the sale, and buyers walk out empty-handed. That doesn't benefit anyone except the firm running the sale who makes a large commission on just a few items. The prices at Miss Spiffy's Estate Sale that I attended were very fair (for buyer and seller). They also took the time to post so many pictures which tempted me to go to the sale. They were lovely and helpful ladies with the right personalities for this business. I left there very happy with my purchases and look forward to their next sale.

Sherry H.

"Been to Miss Spiffy's sales.  They are professional and an absolute pleasure to do business with.  Jen and Lisa are so nice and completely fair with their prices....

Robert | 2017

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